The Law of Contracts

With several decades of experience with regards negotiating, modifying, drafting custom and form contracts, we have have nailed it down to  an art for which we have become masters of the art.

In any contractual relationship, it is vitally imperative that each party is very clear about and establishes what they want to get out of that contractual relationship. The sad fact is that, as convenient as it may be, oral contracts or even worse, poorly written contracts are a surefire way to contractual disputes, often necessitating the involvement of contract attorneys.

What Constitutes a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract occurs when one party or another to a contractual agreement does not live up to the responsibilities to which such a contract holds that party to. It is however note worthy that most breaches are more as a result of disputed claims of a minor material breach, rather than an outright failure t perform a contractual obligation.

The interpretation of a contract is in part a case of of law or precedent. In other  words, what courts have done in prior similar circumstances. There are times when a court will declare a contract to be invalid. Situations when this might happen when the court decides that there has been a failure to satisfy even the most basic requirements of a contract.

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Any legal action taken against you can often be unsettling and in many cases can have a negative or not so desirable outcome, whether it it an action taken against you in your personal capacity, or in your business capacity. So one thing that you certainly want to do, is to do all in your power to ensure that you do not give any body reason to take legal action against you. This especially true in the case of legal documents and contracts to which you enter into.

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